Dear Friends and Colleagues, 

Third announcement of the 10th INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON KINANTHROPOLOGY "Sport and Quality of Life" which will be held in Brno on 18 - 20 November, 2015. For further information and registration please visit conference web site 
We look forward to seeing you in Brno in November 2015. With kind regards, 
Mgr. Eva Špillingová

1nd Announcement of Rio Maior 2016 IMACSSS

Dear Colleagues,   

The time the lack of information about the conference in Aydin / Turkey was prolonged. Probably we have to cancel this conference. Prof. Zdenko Reguli agreed that during the Conference "Sport and Quality of Life" in Brno, November 17-20, 2015, will be the IMACSSS MA & CS Symposium organised. So our Fourth International Conference IMACSSS will probably be smaller than planned. However, it will be a meeting of researchers and IMACSSS members - at Masaryk University, in Brno, Czech Republic.

Best regards,

Prof. Dr Wojciech J. Cynarski 

President of IMACSSS


Dear Colleagues, 
We have a new year of our activity, a new website, and new work plans. On this new page we should add a short bio with photos (a few sentences in English) for each IMACSSS member. People that are interested, please write us this information. 
To realize our plans, we must possess adequate resources. Thus, the newly selected Board has decided on the Congress in Rzeszow that from 2015 the rate of membership fee is 10 Euro annually. 
I asked the Secretary-General Dr. K. Kubala for e-mail query to the Management Board for an opinion on the annual fees by our members. Most (7:2; the other members did not vote) agreed with proposal to have fees already paid in advance for coming years, made before 1 January 2015, (a few cases) considered to be settled and in their case paying the difference wouldn’t be required. I think it is a reasonable decision. 
President of IMACSSS, Prof. Dr. Wojciech J. Cynarski 
Feb. 27. 2015

1nd Announcement of Rio Maior 2016 IMACSSS

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IMACSSS Newsletter Number 2

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1nd Announcement of Genova 2012 IMACSSS

The IMACSSS Karate Team is a winner of Iran National Karate Championship 2011


Official statement no. 2 (1/2011)

Dear Sirs, Colleagues and Friends,

Firstly, I would like to congratulate Dr Abel A. Figueiredo and his team because of the very successful Congress in Viseu, 2011. During the Congress we had “Open Board meeting” and closed meeting of the IMACSSS Board. Dr Sergio Raimondo presented his proposal of the 1st IMACSSS Conference in Genoa (Italy), and our Board agreed to it. It will be held in June 8-10, 2012. Organizer will send an announcement to all concerned, soon.

IMACSSS was joined by new members, eminent experts of CS&MA. Some our members received a title and function of Propagator for his country. We are waiting for their activity for development of IMACSSS in local and regional scale. For example, IMACSSS gived patronage for 2nd Idokan Poland Seminar, which will be hold in Rzeszów, in June 18, 2011 (oral presentations and workshops).

We want to send our best wishes to our Japanese colleagues because of the earthquake and tsunami disasters. They have the IMACSSS community support, and we hope that Dr Fumiaki Nakiri is going to organize next IMACSSS congress or conference in 2013, still.

The Board expects suggestions of initiatives that could be undertaken within the statutory framework of the Society or in cooperation. If you will give your ideas in advance, we will be able to plan everything ahead.

I would like to ask members of the executive Board for sending me a short CV (2-3 pages) in English with a photo. It will be published in our website ( And on behalf of our general secretary and treasurer I must remind you of membership fee for this year (with payment to the account). It is possible to pay for some years in advance, 5 euro per year.
Best greetings from Podkarpacie region in Poland,
Prof. Dr Wojciech J. Cynarski, President of IMACSSS