International Martial Arts and Combat Sports Scientific Society


Abreu Figueiredo Abel Aurelio (Portugal) – Vice President, member of Executive Board

Akbari Rahman (Iran)

de Araújo Paulo Coêlho (Portugal)

Bartik Pavol (Slovakia)

Bielec Grzegorz (Poland)

Biloshapka Nazar (Ukraine)

Biloshapka Roman (Ukraine)

Błach Łukasz (Poland)

Boguszewski Dariusz (Poland)

Boguszewska Katarzyna (Poland)

Borysiuk Zbigniew (Poland) - Audit Commission

Boostani Mohammad Ali (Iran)

Boostani Mohammad Hassan (Iran)

Brito Antonio Manuel V.V. (Portugal)

Brizin Dominique (Germany)
- Master (5th grade) of WingTsun (European WingTsun Organization)
- In 2005 Diploma in “Studies of Regional Science of Latin America” in Economics, Politics, Latin American History and Romance philology at the university of Cologne (Germany)
- Since 2009 member and lecturer of the EWTO-Leadership-Team
- Since 2010 Scientific Assistant of Prof. Dr. Kernspecht and employee of the BMB-Institute (Body-Mind-Balance), founded in 2004 to enable the administrative prerequisites between the EWTO and different universities.
- Since 2010 member of IMACSSS
- Since 2012 member of the commission “Kampfkunst und Kampfsport” (Martial Arts and Combat Sports) of the “Deutsche Vereinigung für Sportwissenschaften” (DVS – German association of sports sciences)
- In 2014 Magister in “Theory and Practice of Martial Arts” at the state university “Paisii Hilendarski “ in Plovdiv (Bulgaria)

Carretti Roberto (Italy)

Chuchchai Gomartut (Thailand)

Chvátalová Jitka (Czech Republic)

Cynarski Wojciech Jan (Poland) – President, member of Executive Board

Czarny Wojciech (Poland) - Audit Commission 

Dilshad Ahmed (India)

Dong Xiao Xi (China)

Escobar Molina Raquel (Spain)

Estevan Torres Isaac (Spain)

Falcó Coral (Spain)

Fernandes Pereira Sebastião (Spain)

Franchini Emerson (Brasil)

Gajewski Jacek (Poland)

Giudicelli Bruno (Brazil) 

Glińska-Wlaź Justyna (Poland)

Gomartut Chuchchai (Thailand) – Vice President, member of Executive Board

Green Thomas A. (USA) 

Grymanowski Jaromir (Poland)

Grzywacz Renata (Poland)

Gutierrez Garcia Carlos (Spain) – Member of Executive Board

Hazar Fatih (Turkey) – Member of Executive Board

Ho Walter (Australia)

Horodko Bogdan (Poland)

Ikemoto Junichi (Japan)

Jakhel Rudolf (Slovenia) 

Janusz Małgorzata (Poland)

Jaqueira Fachardo Ana Rosa (Portugal, Brasil)

Jehu Lyndsey (Wales)

Joao Tomas (Portugal)

Johnson John A. (USA, Korea) 

König Oliver (Bulgaria)
- Grandmaster (9th grade) of WingTsun
- 6th Dan Kyokushinkai by Jon Bluming
- CEO of the European WingTsun Organization (EWTO)
- Martial Arts experience of nearly 40 years
- In 2008 Bachelor of Sports Pedagogy at the state university “Paisii Hilendarski “ in Plovdiv (Bulgaria)
- In 2007 Implementation of the Leadership Programme in the EWTO, including business management, practical school training; academic, management and marketing training.
- In 2011 doctoral degree at the University “Paisii Hilendarski” (pedagogical faculty) with the topic: “Optimization of the psycho-physical preparation in the WingTsun-education”
- Since 2012 coordinator and “Accredited Lecturer” at University Derby/Buxton (Great Britain) and realization of the Bachelor programme: “Theory and Practice of Martial Arts”
- Since 2012 lecturer at the University Plovdiv (Bulgaria)
- Since 2012 member of IMACSSS

Kosiewicz Jerzy (Poland)

Kisiel Wiesław (Poland)

Kozdraś Grzegorz (Poland)

Kernspecht Keith Ronald (Germany) – Member of Executive Board
- Martial Arts experience since 1958
- Grandmaster (10th grade) of WingTsun since the year 2000
- founder and head of the European WingTsun Organization (EWTO)
- 8th Dan Kyokushinkai by Jon Bluming / 6th Dan Hapkido / 6th degree Escrima / 2nd Dan Judo
- Since 1996 Lecturer at the National Sports Academy „Vasis Levski“ Sofia and the „Paisii-Hilendarski“-University in Plovdiv (Bulgaria) – with different topics concerning challenge-fights and problems in the field of Martial Arts
- 1999 Dr. honoris causa Plovdiv University
- 2004 Foundation of an academic institution, the BMB-institute (Body-Mind-Balance), under the patronage of the EWTO as an interface between the Universities and the organization, mainly to enable the administrative basic requirements.
- 2006 In Cooperation with “Paisii Hilendarski”-University – Realization of a Bachelor “Physical Education” for Foreign Students, after finishing this program in 2009 successful continuation with a Magister of Sports and the specialization in Martial Arts. Some even finished afterwards with a doctoral degree.
- 2006 honorary professorship National Sports Academy Sofia - In 2009 he took his doctor of sciences degree (education) with the topic: “Strategy and tactics of the Martial Art  WingTsun as an instrument of self-defence”
- 2011 “Professor Emeritus” of Plovdiv University
- Since 2012 “Accredited Lecturer” of the University Derby/Buxton (Great Britain) and Cooperation of a new Bachelor programme “Theory and Practice of Martial Arts”
- Since 2010 member of the IMACSSS-board and leader of the branch “Science and Logic of Combat”

Kubala Krzysztof (Poland) – Secretary General – Member of Executive Board

Kulasa Jerzy (Poland)

Kurek Barbara (Poland)

Kuryliuk Serhii (Ukraine)

Kuśnierz Cezary (Poland)

Kyung Won Jun (Korea)

Langfort Józef (Poland)

Lassota Lesław Adam (Poland)

Litwiniuk Artur (Poland)

Liu Chang (China)

Loudcher Jean-François (France)

Lykkegaard Martin (Denmark)

Maroteaux Roland Jean (France) 

Matłosz Piotr (Poland)

Momola Irena (Poland)

Molina Escobar Raquel (Spain)

Nakiri Fumiaki (Japan) – Vice President, member of Executive Board

Niewczas Marta (Poland)

Obodyński Kazimierz (Poland) - Member of Executive Board
Professor Kazimierz Obodyńskiwas born on October 21st, 1941 in Berdichev (now in Ukraine). Then, he moved to Yaremche, where he completed primary and secondary education. In 1957, along with his family he repatriated to Poland, initially living in Czudec, then moving to Rzeszow. In 1959 he started his studies in Physical Education on UPE in Warsaw, from which he graduated in 1964. He linked his interests with physical culture, in which he realized himself organizationally and scientifically. He was the driving force who organized the creation of training of physical education teachers, first in Krosno, and then in Rzeszow, bringing together faculty and teacher cadre. In Krosno he was the          head of the Independent Department of Physical Education at first in the consultation point of WSP Rzeszow, and since 1967, at the Faculty of Education in (organized by himself) the Institute of Physical Education and then also Health Education. He was coach of volleyball at ZKS “Stal” Rzeszow, served as President of the District Handball Association, worked in the Voivodeship Methodical Team and in structures of the Polish Olympic Committee. In 1997-2001, he served as chairman - in currently the oldest sports club in Poland, CWKS “Resovia”. Despite many problems with health, as well as the unfortunate decisions of the accreditation commission, all its professional and personal efforts were dedicated to maintenance and development of physical education in Rzeszów - at first in the PE Institute, WSP, and since 2005 at the Department of Physical Education in the (existing since 2001) University of Rzeszow. To Him owes their doctoral, post-doctoral and professorial promotion a lot of personnel teaching physical education courses at the Physical Education in Rzeszów and other universities in Poland. His tireless work as mentor, teacher - of other teachers was honored by numerous titles and awards, including: Prize of the City of Rzeszow, the Medal of the centennial anniversary of Polish Sport, Medal of Eugeniusz Piasecki, the Laurel of Polish Olympic Committee, gold badges of: Merit for Physical Culture, ZG AZS, Polish Handball Association, Voivodeship Sports Federation and others. In recognition of his work bevy representants of physical education representing science centers across the entire Poland issued 500-page publication devoted to Kazimierz: Studies in the History and Theory of Physical Culture.
Not to be underestimated are his educational achievements, His paternal care of young academics as well as concern about the further development of the Faculty of Physical Education, including his in progress efforts to obtain rights to confer doctoral degrees, as well as the expansion of the faculty's material base.

We will remember him.

Pachurka René (France)

Pałys Agnieszka (Poland) - Treasurer

Para Andrzej

Pawelec Przemysław (Poland)

Pawlik Dorota (Poland)

Perez Gutierez Mikel (Spain)

Pędracki Michał (Poland)

Pieter Willy (Dutch)

Piórko-Pawliński Adrian (Poland)

Piwowarski Juliusz (Poland)

Pocecco Elena (Austria) 

Polak Ewa (Poland)

Pylat Wolodimir (Ukraine)

Rahman Akbari (Iran)

Radochoński Mieczysław (Poland)

Regnier Patrice (France)

Raimondo Sergio (Italy) – Member of Executive Board

Reguli Zdenko (Czech Republic) – Vice President, member of Executive Board

Reis Andre (Brasil) 

Rzeszutko-Polak Agata (Poland)

von Saldern Matthias (Germany)

Sentuna Baris (Turkey)

Shishida Fuminori (Japan)

Sieber Lothar (Germany)

Simenko Jożef (Slovenia)

Skowron-Markowska Stefania (Poland)

Słopecki Jan (Poland)

Sogabe Akitoshi (Japan)

Sonoda-Nunes Ricardo Joao (Brasil)

Sousa José Luis (Portugal)

Stankovic Nemanja (Serbia)

Sterkowicz Stanisław (Poland)

Sterkowicz-Przybycień Katarzyna (Poland)

Strzecha Mariusz (Poland)

Strzępek Przemysław (Poland)

Szajna Gabriel (Poland) - Audit Commission

Szlachta Paweł (Poland) 

Szybisty Agnieszka (Poland) 

Świder Paweł (Poland)

Tarabanov Arseny (Russia)

Theeboom Marc (Belgium)

Tomaszewski Wiesław (Poland)

Topoljak Amir (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Vít Michał (Czech Republic) – Member of Executive Board

Vertonghen Jikkemien (Belgium) 

Vences de Brito António M. V. (Portugal) – Member of Executive Board

António M. V. Vences de Brito, born in 1961, Bachelor in Radiology and in Sport Sciences, MSc in High Performance Training, PhD in Human Kinetics in the speciality of Motricity Sciences and with the Specialist degree in Formation of Karate Coaches. Full Professor in Anatomophysiology in the Sports Sciences School of Rio Maior. Polytechnic Institute of Santarém, Portugal. Shotokan karate practitioner since 1975 and collaborator of the Portuguese Karate Federation. Researcher of the Investigation Center in Life Quality (CIEQV), member of the European College of Sport Sciences and of the International Martial Arts and Combat Sports Scientific Society. Research focuses on neural control and coordination of the muscles activity, sport physiology and in sport injuries.

Walczak Bartłomiej (Poland)

Warchoł Krzysztof (Poland)

Wąsik Jacek (Poland)

Wcisło-Gajewska Izabela Alicja

Weis Kurt (Germany)

Weitmann Harald (Germany)

Winiszewski Karol (Poland)

Yu Jong-Hoon (USA) – Vice President, member of Executive Board 
Dr. Yu is an assistant professor in the department of Health and Physical Education at Glenville State College in West Virginia, USA. He earned his undergraduate degree from Kyung Hee University in South Korea, attended the Indiana University for further graduate work, and completed his doctoral degree in curriculum and teaching (Human Movement - physical education) at Boston University. His research interests are coaching and teaching effectiveness, increasing the physical activity levels of children, teaching motor and sport skills to children, and teaching martial arts. Dr. Yu has been a member of West Virginia Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation & Dance (WVAHPERD), American Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation & Dance (AAHPERD), International Council for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, Sport, and Dance (ICHPER∙SD), and Idōkan Poland Association (IPA). He also has served as a Vice-President and executive board member of the International Martial Arts Combat Sports Scientific Society (IMACSSS). He served as a reviewer for the Journal of Martial Arts Anthropology. He holds a 1st Dan black belt in Taekwondo. Dr. Yu enjoys reading, traveling, and spending time with his family.

Zdebel Dariusz (Poland)

Zieliński Janusz (Poland)

Zhang Guodong (China)

The annual membership fee is 10 EUR (or 40 PLN).